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Interview des créatrices de Caftanii Firenze pour le ELLE Ukraine

Au mois de mai, j’ai interviewé les soeurs Ludovica et Ginevra Fagioli, le duo de designers derrière la marque Caftanii Firenze. Vous le savez, j’adore leurs caftans délicats et les détails incroyables que l’on trouve sur chaque pièce. C’est pour moi un réél plaisir que de les encourager dès que je peux en leur donnant un peu de visibilité! Vous pouvez d’ailleurs retrouver trois pièces canons sur mon eshop Atelier Ali di Firenze.

Caftanii Firenze Ali di Firenze

Good morning Caftanii Firenze. Can you tell a bit about your entrepreneurial path and how you created your brand?

Caftanii was born from the desire to express our « mood » and share a specific way of life. We use our passion for fabrics to tell a story and we express our philosophy through an iconic piece, the caftan. We always spent the summer wearing it. For us, it’s a way of making tangible/concrete our idea of ​​femininity, charm and elegance through pieces that are not seasonal.


 Caftanii style in 3 words?

« Timeless, Charming, Feminine » is our motto, but other three words could be “relaxed, casual, polite/well-mannered”.


Do you have a woman in mind or an icon when you create a new collection? Who and what inspires you?

No, we do not have a real icon or reference when we create a new collection. The fundamental basis is more a certain concept of femininity. Every woman has her own charm and her characteristics but what instead is a common denominator is to be feminine.


More than the Made in Italy label, it seems that the Made in Florence is important to you. Could you tell us a bit more about the production here in Tuscany and where the amazing fabrics come from?

We are indeed madly in love with our city and for us it’s a great pride to count on a production 101% Made in Tuscany for our product. Tuscany is known, more than any other Italian region, to have outstanding criteria for craftsmanship. This is why we underline often the Made in Firenze, even in the brand name Caftanii Firenze.

As for our fabrics, we carefully select them in major trade shows and directly from the archives of the most important and historical national textile companies.vittoria


You are developing a luxury fashion brand that seems to have no season or temporality. Is it a philosophy under the project that exists from the beginning?

Absolutely, even more today, in a time when everything is extremely fast, Caftanii Firenze designs and proposes a concept of slow style, where time is actually giving value to the product. We like the idea that our pieces can be considered as must-have but not be linked to specific trend that people can be tired of.


Do you think the “italian style” still exists ?

Yes, but it belongs to a narrower niche.


The summer Caftanii was created, you were in Forte dei Marmi, the chicest seaside city in Italy. What is your vision of the dolce vita during summer holidays?

Family, no excess but elegance, casual, with lots of linen (from clothes to tablecloths or curtains in the house).


This new collection mixes classic Caftanii pieces and proposes new fabrics and shapes. What was the central idea of ​​this new SS16 collection?

The irony. A woman can feel ever more feminine playing with shapes and fresh colors that bring her back in time. She can feel like a little girl again and likes to play.


If you must choose one piece of this new collection, which one will it be?



Thank you ladies !




Par Ali

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