Our clients trust us !

Christelle and Damien

Christelle came back from Florence more in love than ever, it was really a perfect weekend!

Service : Organisation of an aperitivo on the Arno river. Management of the planning and reservations for the whole weekend.

Maude and Nelson

I would like to thank you personally for all your advices to my future husband. I liked everything! This palace in its green setting, the sunset over Florence, the delicious dinner on the terrace. I felt like a real princess. I was amazed by the beauty of the place !

Service : Marriage proposal on a Florentine hill with a view on the city.

Elodie and Julien

Thank you so much for all your dedication, you were really my « right-hand (wo)man », the Italian accomplice to my proposal!

Service : Marriage proposal on a rooftop terrace with a view on the Duomo. Preparation of an aperitivo and a huge moodboard of photos memories.

Lisa and Felix

Everything was better than I had imagined, we felt like we were in a dream ! Concerning the organization with Ali, I really appreciated her proactivity on all aspects (terrace, menu, decoration), and the fact that I had a validation role. Ali inspires a lot of confidence, she totally masters her subject and that reassures a lot!

Service : privatization of an hotel terrace with a Duomo view. Organization of an aperitivo and lots of little moodboards with photos memories.

Mathilde and Bruno

Thank you for all this organization that made this moment unique… and for the pictures! Mathilde was more than happy, so the objective was achieved.

Service : Breakfast on a boat running on the arno river

Flora and Maxime

Your work and passion have helped to make one of the most beautiful moment of my life! Because I know Maxime and his perfectionism, his difficulty in delegating, because this proposal looks just like us; I am aware of the chance he had to have you at his side !

Service : privatization of an apartment in the centre of Florence, a few steps from the Accademia Museum. Creation of a magical garden on the terrace with a personalized photo panel with hand-made calligraphy.

Glaizia and Stanley

I’d like to take this time to sincerely thank you for everything you have done for me. You are truly the best at what you do and I can see how you put all your effort into a craft that you’re great at. Thanks for being so patient with me in seeing through my idea and it couldn’t have been any better without your ideas, opinions and recommendations!

Service : privation of an appartement, flower petals everywhere on the path till the terrace, dinner with candles under flower arches.